Anti-Condensation Glass



External condensation caused by the improved thermal performance of modern frames & glass

The global move to more demanding environmental and legislative requirements has increased the popularity of glass which provides high level thermal insulation that reduces the amount of heat lost through the window. This is both excellent for the environment in reducing the amount of energy required to heat our homes, and it also increases the comfort of our homes.

However, there is one side effect of this highly efficient thermal insulation that can cause a problem for home owners; it is more prone to external condensation (dew). The glazing works so well in preventing heat loss, so the external pane is very cold, (heat is not being lost through it, thus heating up the external pane) and condensation can form on the outside at certain times.

We are now offering a new product: Pilkington Anti-Condensation Glass, it is designed to delay the onset of condensation on glazing and hence, improve the view through the window. External condensation is a natural phenomenon which occurs when the external surface temperature of the glass drops below the dew point.

Anti-Condensation glass works by keeping the temperature of the external surface warmer, (without the heat from your home). It is designed to delay, and in many cases, prevent the onset of external condensation and reduces the number of days of the year on which external condensation appears.  Anti-condensation glass may be used in a wide variety of commercial and domestic applications in combination with other thermally efficient glass products. 

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