Bespoke Antique Mirrors

Light up a boring corner in your home with a touch of opulence and warmth with our antique mirror glass.

Please note: These interior design images are for reference only. Scroll further to the bottom of this page for specific image samples and product codes for the kind of antique mirror designs we offer.


Treforest has a beautiful range of antique mirror glass to add - Character, Opulence, Space and Light. Adding interest and drama to any space in your home. Please ask for more information on our full range of antique mirror products.

Bevelled mirror tiles look simply beautiful and make a real feature in your bathroom, bringing light and interest to your room. Our Ritec coating means easy to clean and no limescale or difficult smudges. It`s the perfect partnership.

 Add depth and vintage charm with our antique mirror glass.

Add drama to your shower area. We seal the mirror so it is waterproof on the back and Ritec coat the front for an easy clean, smudge free surface; sealing the surface against bacteria and limescale. Add a touch of class to any worktop with antique mirror.


Add space and interest to the smallest room in your house.

Mirror a corner section of your room and turn it into a `room within a room`

Antique mirror walls brings light, depth and character

Antique Mirror Screen

Add depth and interest with antique mirror glass walls

Modern easy clean mirror glass for bathrooms and bedrooms

Mirrored walls to give the illusion of space

Please see below the different antique mirror glass that we provide.


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