Treforest Glass UK Blinds


Integral Sliding Magnetic Blinds

Treforest Glass blinds have an advanced lifting and tilting magnetic system designed for domestic and commercial applications. It is the perfect choice for conservatories, bathrooms, kitchen and all household windows. The efficient mechanism allows you to control against glare and heat build up.


  • Manually operated for precise control
  • Blinds can be raised or lowered to suit weather conditions
  • Blinds can be tilted to regulate precisely the level of light and heat entering the home
  • Unbeatable protection against glare and build up of heat
  • Unbeatable lead-time, delivered within 2 to 3 weeks
  • No.1 choice for hygiene and cleanliness, blinds cannot get dirty or dusty
  • Due to its unique design it doesn't allow moisture to penetrate through the sealed unit. 

The blinds are controlled with two magnets. One magnet is located on the left hand side of the unit whilst the other is situated on the right hand side. The magnets control the lift and tilt of the blinds.

Size guide for magnetic blinds:

Minimum Width = 200mm, Minimum Height = 420mm tilt and lift, tilt only = 180mm.

Maximum Width = 1250mm and Maximum Height = 2300mm