Glass Balustrades

For the home, the office, or the public space, very few materials are as safe and as elegant as frameless glass balustrades. The timeless beauty of the glass paired with stainless steel, wood, natural stone create beautiful solutions for you exterior or interior space.

Whether you are renovating or building new and looking for an efficient balustrade installation, we at Treforest Glass are here to help.


At Treforest Glass we take pride in designing and delivering high quality glass balustrades for residential and commercial projects that need more than just a balustrade. Each of our systems are designed with aesthetics and strength in mind. Everything has to be resistant to extreme conditions of corrosion and damage from weather conditions, but it also has to be elegant and seamless to enhance your view.


Necessary around balconies, swimming pools and staircases


With acid etched glass and finished that keep the view opaque


 All our systems add an elegant and unique quality to your space 

Beautiful, Modern, Custom Frameless Glass Balustrades for indoors and outdoors, glass is a natural choice, as it provides a barrier without interrupting your view, letting natural light flow. Glass staircases create a unique statement to office buildings, company headquarters and homes. We provide glass balustrading solutions that redefine the quality of where you live and work. 

Our Fitting Team has 30 years of knowledge and experience when it comes to fitting Commercial and Domestic balustrade, from prestigious government buildings to domestic projects. Internal stair balustrade, external balustrade or Juliette balcony systems.

Frameless Glass U - For those looking for simplicity and clean lines that work equally well over flat or uneven surfaces.

Frameless Wall Fixing Point - Specially developed to enhance the beauty of glass, this system holds the glass in place by fixing directly to the glazing support.

Frameless Floor Fixing Point - The optimum solution for all-glass railings and balustrades.

Frameless Special - An easy to assemble, versatile system that gives a clean and dynamic style.

Round Bars - A faultless classic for railings and balustrades with timeless style. This system is also available with anti-climbing handrail supports.

Square Bars - For those installations that demand a square style.

One Glass Clamp - A contemporary, safe, unique balustrade, combining the strength of steel with all-glass panels.

Two Glass Clamps Round - A version of the range utilizing two clamps.

Two Glass Clamps Square - An alternative version where a square profile is desired.

Cable Round & Cable Square - Two range that are reminiscent of bygone naval architecture with matching rails and support.

New to the range is an LED railing system which had been designed to integrate harmoniously with a variety of architectural settings and situations. The system provides close proximity lighting to stairs and walkways and eliminates  the need to light an entire area.

The LED Railing System helps increase safety and security at low cost due to the inherent low energy consumption of the technology.

In addition to the sale and supply of handrail and balustrade systems, Treforest Glass offers a turnkey project service for the commercial and public sector for bespoke staircases, balustrades and architectural metalwork. A service that includes: site surveys, design proposals, manufacture and installation.

Working with architects, designers and engineers, Treforest Glass provides design solutions to suit domestic and commercial project.

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