Sound Insulation, Noise Reduction & Acoustic Glazing

Secondary glazing - for soundproofing windows & doors 

The effects of noise pollution are well known - increased risk of heart disease, stress, reduced concentration & loss of sleep. Noise nuisance has invaded our lives our homes & workplaces!

But we don’t just have to accept it. There is a solution. Because the fact is, most noise enters our homes through the windows & doors! Just think of the difference between open & closed windows.

Acoustic secondary glazing is the single most effective noise control & soundproofing treatment.

Treforest Glass Secondary Glazing can achieve 75% sound reduction

We are all becoming more aware of how noise pollution affects us, anything from:

  • Mild to extreme irritation or even anger
  • An inability to concentrate, work or study properly
  • Difficulty relaxing at home
  • Loss of sleep, feeling exhausted

The list of negative effects from noise pollution is long, cumulative & growing.

More damningly, recent research reports are consistently proving that noise pollution is a major cause of thousands of cases of cardio-vascular disease, heart attacks & strokes & is costing us all billions in increased health care costs.

Our windows and most doors are designed to let the light in and create an airy, pleasant atmosphere - unfortunately, they also allow the outside noise in!

The Solution? Acoustic Secondary Glazing for Noise Insulation & Sound Proofing!

The level of noise reduction & sound insulating that can be achieved with secondary acoustic glazing will:

  • Differ from situation to situation depending upon the volumes & types of noise
  • Be dependent upon the quality, specification & correct installation of the secondary glazing noise reduction system 

With over 30 years of specialist window & door sound proofing experience, we know exactly how to achieve the very best noise insulation solution in any given situation. 

Traffic noise, aircraft noise, train noise and general street noise all have different volumes, frequencies and wavelengths.

Therefore sound insulating secondary glazing needs to be carefully & correctly specified to maximize the noise reduction & make the windows sound proof.

A secondary glazing sound insulation system is significantly better than standard sealed unit replacement double glazing for achieving noise reduction because of the following factors:

  • Using the depth of the reveal cavity is a major factor in noise insulation         
  • The secondary glazing can be specified to tackle both high & low frequency noise
  • Secondary glazing avoids resonance
  • Resonance results in a high-pitched whine at high frequencies
  • Resonance also causes vibration of the glass at low frequencies

Applications for Acoustic Secondary Glazing:

  • Train, rail and station noise
  • Noise from airports & aircraft overhead
  • Road & traffic noise - HGV’s, taxis, buses, motorbikes, emergency service sirens & cars
  • General street noise, pubs, clubs, loud talking, bus stops, dogs barking
  • Exceptional streetnoise, car alarms, burglar alarms, noisy neighbours, shouting
  • Inside sealed unit double glazing, replacement windows & new windows

Summary of Direct and Other Benefits:

  • A good nights’ sleep
  • Relax in your living room undisturbed by outside noise
  • More effective than replacement windows
  • Cheaper than replacing the windows
  • No more draughts or cold spots
  • Quick, clean installation
  • Reduced future heating bills
  • “Green" solution, manufacture produces far less CO2
  • Extended life for existing windows & kept out of land fill
  • Improved security
  • Keeps the original appearance of your home
  • Not usually affected by conservation area or listed building regulations
  • Improved Energy Performance Certificate
  • Reduce your Carbon Footprint