Restoration Projects

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Liverpool University in excess of 1,000 slim units to date this project is set to be ongoing for some months

 2,000 of our Slim low sight line units into Scottish tenements


We have been involved in hundreds of projects replacing single glazing in beautiful period homes and cherished commercial buildings. Our work in the conservation market has included Stately Homes, period cottages and Schools such as St Ilans in Caerphilly.We upgraded 4,000 pieces of single glazing with thermally efficient heritage slealed units, reducing internal condensation with our warmedge spacer and improving the overall energy performance of the building. Reducing their carbon footprint and making glassrooms more comfortable. All the while keeping ther aesthetics of the conservation project looking the same as the original single glazing.

August 2015 - Marco’s Café Barry Island (as seen on Gavin and Stacey)

Marco’s Café Barry Island Roof Glass

April 2016 - Our decorative department has come up with this lovely leafy design for a windbreak in a porch. Check out our decorative glass page for more inspiration.


Windbreaker leaf design

October 2015 - This beautiful restoration project in Somerset had its original timber windows lovingly restored, with the single glazed replaced with our Slim Low Sight Line Units (11mm overall). The units incorporated our hand blown Cylinder Glass suitable for Grade I Listed Buildings. Close ups of the glass to follow.

Restoration Project - Somerset