Secondary Glazing - Our Products

Our secondary glazing products are suitable for most property types and window styles. They are available in two ranges:

Traditional Range (T)

With its slim aluminum profile, our Traditional range offers minimal sight lines and easy access to the primary window, making it a popular choice with homeowners.

Heritage Range (H)

Our Heritage windows utilise a slightly thicker aluminum profile to support large-scale commercial installation, as well as smaller domestic applications.

Horizontal Sliders (H, T)

Horizontal Sliders

Our most popular secondary window with homeowners, available in 2, 3, 4 and 5 panels. Available in both Traditional and Heritage ranges, these discreet products provide easy access to the outer window and are suitable for all types of property. Installation is quick, cleaning is simple, plus a range of frame colours and glazing options are available to suit your specific needs.

Vertical Sliders (H, T)

Vertical Sliders

Vertical sliding units are ideal for treating traditional sash windows, with self-supporting panes that remain in place at any chosen position. Available in both Traditional and Heritage ranges, these discreet products have been designed to combine ease of movement with extreme durability. Tilt-in versions can be pivoted through almost 180º, which is especially useful for cleaning.

Hinged Casement (H)

Hinged Casement

Hinged units are our most discreet secondary glazing product, with no transoms or mullions to spoil the view. Made to measure for the perfect fit, our hinged units feature single handle operation and multi-point locking. Side and base opening is available, plus there’s a tilt and turn facility for easy maintenance and cleaning.

Fixed Windows (H, T)

Fixed Windows

An insert panel is an aluminium frame section that can be attached to an existing glazing panel. They’re our most simple and economical product, and ideal for situations where there is a minimal area to attach a panel. They can be permanently screwed into position (on a window or door), or fixed by turn buckles for ease of removal.

Lift Out Windows (H, T)

Lift Out Windows

Lift out windows are an ideal solution when only occasional access to the primary window is required. Available in Heritage, Traditional and Slimline models, these windows lift out of a secured outer frame. Installation is quick and cleaning is simple, plus a range of frame colours and glazing options are available to mirror the unique feel of your home.

Arched, Curved & Bespoke Windows (H, T)

Bespoke Design

Many windows in older, more traditional properties are out of square. In most cases, standard secondary glazing can be installed, by shaping of the timber sub frame and the use of bespoke finishing trims. Where this is not possible, we can manufacture arched, curved and bespoke secondary windows.