Acoustic Laminate Glass

Acoustic laminate glass is designed to reduce the unwanted noise from the outside world so that your living and working spaces can be as peaceful as possible. Busy roads, airports, railways and industrial sites are common causes of noise pollution which many of us would prefer to keep out of our homes. Unwanted noise has been shown to have an impact on our wellbeing, being recognized as a cause of stress, poor sleep and high blood pressure for example. Acoustic laminate glass has a part to play in keeping your space as quiet as possible.

When a soundwave hits glass, some of the vibrations are absorbed by the glass, with the rest being transmitted through the other side. Acoustic laminate glass has an inner layer of PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral) that reduces the transfer of noise. We also offer a warm edge spacer in our units that further improves noise reduction over traditional aluminum spacer.

The inner layer of the acoustic laminate glass also offers the same safety and security benefits as standard laminate glass.

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Benefits of Acoustic Laminate Glass:

  • Reduction of unwanted noise in your living and working spaces
  • Health and wellbeing improvements
  • Can be combined with other products for multi-functional glazing
  • The same safety and security benefits as standard laminate glass

Key Facts:

There is a misconception with sealed units that more glass means improved performance, but double glazed units are often more effective than triple glazed units when it comes to noise control. Standard triple glazed units can experience vibrations to the inner pane, amplifying the noise.

Surprisingly, there is no audible difference between a standard single pane of glass, a standard double glazed unit, or a standard triple glazed unit. The introduction of an acoustic laminate glass is where acoustic performance increases.

Adding additional float glass panes has no impact to the decibel rating, whereas adding a 6.4mm or 6.8mm acoustic laminate glass increases performance.

The Audio Difference Explained:

1 db     Is not noticeable

3 db     Is barely discernible

5 db     Is clearly discernible

10 db   Is a halving or doubling of the noise

Treforest Glass offer many levels of acoustic laminate glass that can improve acoustic performance in a wide variety of situations, whether residential or commercial. Please CONTACT US to discuss your requirements.