Etched Glass - The Oriel Collection

The Oriel Collection by Pilkington is our premium range of etched, patterned glass for decorative glazing has been updated with new designs, from classic to contemporary, the designs provide a distinctive style with privacy for the home.  Please see our brochures below.

Our etched patterned glass is perfect for the growing range of uPVC windows and doors that are specifically designed to closely replicate the original features and appearance of timber windows and doors.

We can further assist in adding to the traditional look and authenticity of an otherwise modern, high performance unit by fitting it with our Victorian patterned glass.

The following traditional etched glass patterns are available from us:

  • Amber Gothic
  • Bright Star
  • Double Fleur
  • Blue Gothic
  • Clear Gothic
  • Star
  • Fleur De Lys
  • Empress
  • Fleur
  • Victorian

All patterns are also available in a fully opaque version suitable for locations where complete privacy is required. This involves laminating a plain etch sheet to each of the patterned glass panes. This glass can be supplied as double-glazed units.


Etched Glass Brochure 1

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Etched Glass Brochure 2

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