Technical Information

All technical documents available as a download. Please click on the titles below to view.


Optitherm Advantage 0.9 (PDF 3227KB)

Fire Glass (PDF 2424KB)


Residential Acoustic Solutions (PDF 1065KB)

Ritec 'Easy Clean' Coating (PDF 2110KB)

Leaded Units with Soldered Joints (PDF 2034KB)


General Product Information


Glass size Guide - Max & Min (PDF 5000KB)

Duplex Georgian Size Chart (Excel 36KB)


Edgetech Super Spacer Data Sheet (PDF 947KB)

Edgetech Quick Information Sheet (PDF 438KB)

GGF Quality of Vision in Glass (PDF 979KB)

Treforst Glass Declaration of Performance (PDF 371KB)

Regalead - Natural Oxidation of Leaded Windows (PDF 98KB)

Building Regulations - U Values and WERs (Word 42KB)

Satisfying the requirement for Safety Glass in critical locations (Word 31KB)

Diagram of critical locations where Safety Glass must be used (Word 83KB)

What is passivhaus (PDF 96KB)


Slim Low Sight Line Units

GGF Narrow Sight Line Units - Guidelines (PDF 271KB)

Hodgsons Heritage Putty - Information

Hodgsons Heritage Putty - Product Data Sheet

Hodgsons Heritage Putty - Safety Data Sheet

Heritage Super Spacer (PDF 5511KB)

Silfix U9 PDS Data Sheet (PDF 269KB)

Slim Low Sight Line Installation Guide


Torcello 2015 (PDF189KB)


Decorative Brochures

Decorative Options for Doors & Windows (PDF 11700KB)

Designer Georgians (PDF 985KB)

Distinctive Doors (PDF 1424KB)

Fusion Glass Tiles  (PDF 3500KB)

Stained Glass Film (PDF 2500KB)


Patterned Glass

Pilkington Textured Glass Patterns  (PDF 1429KB)

G1 and G2 Patterns

Pilkington Oriel Collection (PDF 2186KB)



Treforest Glass Splashback Design Book (PDF 3584KB)

Treforest Glass ColorSpray Splashbacks (PDF 6158KB) 

Splashbacks - Customer Information Sheet (PDF 144KB)

Solar Control Brochures

Pilkington Activ Range (PDF 532KB)

Pilkington Artic Blue Data Sheet (PDF 230KB)

SGG Azura (PDF 6854KB)

SGG Cool-Lite SKN176 (PDF 1255KB)

SGG Cool-Lite ST150 (PDF 6316KB)

SGG Planitherm 4s (4 Seasons) (PDF 961KB)


Anti-Condensation Glass


GGF Condensation (Some causes, some advice) (PDF 1686KB) 


Fire Glass

Fire Glass Questions - information we require to provide a quote (Word 41KB)

Pyroshield Range Brochure (PDF 943KB)


Secondary Glazing

Secondary Glazing Brochure (PDF 6759KB)

Secondary Glazing Technical Data Sheet (PDF 505KB)