Clearshield Ritec 'Easy Clean" Coating

Glass is a sensitive material that reacts with its environment. Glass by its nature has microscopic pores that over time can become filled with dirt. This can leave glass looking stained and dull. Normal cleaning methods are ineffective at removing the dirt from the microscopic pores.

Ritec Clear Shield

Treforest Glass offer a ClearShield Ritec ‘easy-clean’ coating, which chemically bonds with the surface of the glass, filling the microscopic pores, to form an easy clean non-stick surface. Dirt is unable sit on the surface of the glass, significantly reducing cleaning time and effort, and keeping glass looking its best for longer.     

Ritec can be applied to many types of glass products – windows, shower screens, balustrade, glass tiles, splashbacks, mirrors and conservatory roofs.

Tried and tested over extended periods of time under actual field conditions for all types of glass, in all types of locations (urban, countryside, seaside) and in all types of environmental conditions (hot, cold, dry, humid, windy, sandy).


  • “Non-stick” – non-reactive after curing, working like “non-stick” cookware – always much easier to clean and keep clean.
  • Durable – resists attack by Moisture, Alkalinity and Dirt (‘MAD’), the main enemies of glass, maintaining the original visibility, clarity and cleanability.
  • Strong performance – resistant to all types of dirt, organic (e.g. motor vehicle exhaust or traffic film, bird droppings, tree sap) and inorganic (e.g. hard water deposits, building run-off, metal oxides) – suitable for all types of glass, exterior and interior.
  • Energy-saving and “green” – reduces energy requirements for routine glass washing by 50% on average – for lower emissions and carbon footprints as well as savings in time, effort and money.
  • Light-enhancing – maintains original light transmission and day-lighting – for improved productivity and well-being of building occupants;.
  • Anti-microbial – resistant to adhesion and growth of bacteria, viruses and fungi – for applications where hygiene is paramount.
  • Non-hazardous – not classified as flammable or toxic.
  • Can be applied after a unit has been fitted
Clearshield Eco Glass

Self Clean Glass

Self-clean glass is a pre-applied exterior coating that breaks down dirt when in daylight. Once the dirt has been broken down and loosened, it is washed away by the rain (or water from a hose when there is no rainfall). 

These products are particularly useful in hard-to-reach areas, like conservatories and skylights.

Treforest Glass offer many specifications that can include easy-clean or self-clean properties in a wide variety of situations, whether residential or commercial. Please CONTACT US to discuss your requirements.

Clearshield Self Clean Glass