Decorative Glass

Decorative glass has been used through the ages to create character, beauty, style and elegance in our homes. This ancient yet timeless craft has enjoyed a revival in the last 20 years. Modern home owners have discovered its ability to add charm and originality to their windows and doors.

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Treforest Glass have 30 years experience in creating beautiful bespoke designs both modern and classical using many mediums:


Discover how the brilliance and beauty of hand crafted bevels can add an extra dimension to your windows and doors.

Bevel 1
Bevel 2
Bevel 3
Decorative Brochure

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Stained Glass

Stained Glass 1
Stained Glass 2
Stained Glass 3

Stained Glass Art Film is a range of printed and embossed filmic materials which when used in conjunction with lead profiles and beveled glass clusters, can create stunning decorative glass effects.

We can produce classical designs to match existing windows, bespoke designs to your specifications, as well as replicate all of the designs in our brochures. We have a highly skilled decorative department with over 30 years experience of producing beautiful stained decorative designs.

Stained Glass Brochure

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Decorative Brochure

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Optifloat Opal Privacy Level 5
Linear Opaltech Privacy Level 2
Laurel Opaltech Privacy Level 2

Sandblasting or etched glass is an ancient form of decoration.

From the traditional to the modern – windows, doors, bathrooms, kitchen cupboards, shelving, shower screens, balustrade, and partitions. The list is endless. The sandblast effect adds decoration or information as well as diffusing light giving the glass a wonderful luminescence.

For single glazing applications where there is potential for the sandblasted surface to be touched or exposed to the elements, we can use our ‘sandblast surface sealer’. This will ensure the sandblasted face is protected from any dirty marks or fingerprints. This treatment also seals the surface from any moisture, ensuring the glass retains its fantastic privacy properties even when wet, making it ideal for bathrooms and kitchens.

Georgian Bars

Georgian Bars can enhance your Windows, Doors and Conservatories, providing beautiful decorative designs for your windows.

Georgian Bar, whether it is Gothic Arches or Victorian Grilles come in a range of colours and finishes including: White, Woodgrained Oak, Oak on White, Irish Oak, Rosewood, Rosewood on White, Chrome and Gold. Our dual colours are perfect where you have internal white pvc with wood-grain externally.

Georgian Bar Designs

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